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This free 30-60 minute meeting allows me to meet you and your pets and learn about your expectations and needs. During this meeting, I will get information from you about your pets, what services you may need, and answer any questions you have about me or my qualifications. I may take your dog on a short walk to let him or her start getting to know me and see how he or she walks on a leash. I will work with you to design a schedule that best meets your needs and those of your pets.

Daily Walks - Dogs
(approximately 45 minutes)

Did you know that many vets suggest that dogs benefit from at least 30 minutes of structured exercise a day? Just letting your dog out to wander around the backyard is not enough. Let me take your small or older dog on a moderately paced walk around the neighborhood each day to ensure his or her good health. A longer or more fast-paced daily walk is recommended for more active or high-energy dogs, as well as large breed dogs. The visit allows your dog a potty break, walk, social interaction, and mental stimulation in the form of play-time or training. I also refresh your dog's food and water as needed. Poop scooping is always included in each visit.
Before each walk, we will take a couple laps around the yard to allow your dog to potty. Afterwards, your dog will be rewarded with playtime and a productive walk. The walk builds to a moderate or brisk pace (as tolerated) and ends with a more relaxed pace (a cool down). 

During each visit, I will practice basic obedience commands and when possible, incorporate socializing with neighbors and other dogs to further exercise the brain. If your dog has any specific behavior issues you would like help with, I will be glad to assess those issues during my visits. If needed, I will draw up a plan and together we will remedy the unwanted behavior through targeted training. 

If, for some reason your dog is unable to go on walks or you would rather he or she stay close to home, playtime can be scheduled instead of walks. The same amount of time will be spent with your dog, but instead of walking around the neighborhood, we are playing in the yard or even in the house. There are many games that dogs can play to get exercise and burn off a good amount of energy.
I realize each pet has his or her own needs and each owner has his or her own expectations, so please speak with me about custom visits for your dog's specific needs.